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Pictures of meetings and testing of the Goldfish Project.

Pictures of extreme sports and urbex.

Pictures of a walk in Warsaw, a week before Christmas.

Pictures of a walk in Warsaw.

Pictures from Grandpa's archives.

Pictures of a night looking at the sky.

Pictures of an afternoon flying.

Pictures of fall in France.

Pictures of spring in France.

Pictures of our civil marriage.

Pictures of Winter 2010 in France.

Pictures from Spring 2009 in Paris.

A whole lotta shots of Fall 2008 in and around Paris.

My Ph.D. defense on September 29th, 2008.

The 2008 edition of PJF in PF.

Easter 2008 in Lardy.

Pictures from the ceremony in La Sorbonne for the end of the winter session.

Pictures from last weekend of the festival of year 2007.

Two wonderful weeks around home.

A very pleasant Easter sunday in Lardy.

Jaunts to Fontainebleau.

A grandiose Easter in Nonencourt.

Other jaunts to various places.

A few shots around Fontainebleau.

A very hot summer in Paris.

Pictures of various flowers, trees, and stuff.

These beasts happen to be quite photogenic sometimes.

Shots that I just don't know where else to put.

Experiments with photography and other things.